The “BM” has been established on 1967 by the two brothers Giovanni and Rino Bastianello, on their birthplace in Montorso Vicentino.

The location of BM s.r.l. has always been in the industrial area of the North-East of Italy, in Montorso. The particular emotional bond of the owners to their origins has inspired the Logo and the name of the company.

The production range of BM is the largest in the market.
BM has exclusively specialized its production, on the construction of gangs saws for sawing marble and granite blocks., due to this specialization, BM has gained the international leadership in the market.
All the gang saws of BM, are enriched by exclusive technical improvements, studied to solve all the inconvenient and problems of the traditional gang saws, The result is a renewed production of perfected gang saws, considered by the major international experts, the best quality level of the market.

Due to the experience gained after more than 50 years, BM can guarantee:

  • custom solutions, to each customer all around the world
  • a professional after-sale service

All the problems due to the use of the machine by not skilled staff, under different environmental conditions and different types of stone, have been successfully resolved.

Research and supply chain

Particoular attention has been dedicated by BM to the supplì chain.
The development of long-time collaboration between BM and its suppliers, has found the roots on the sharing of quality, performance and safety targets.
In many cases, the growth of BM has been linked to the growth of the suppliers.
For this reason, BM has never searched any other supplier outside of Italy, all the products are studied, constructed and tested in Montorso Vicentino.
During the 2009, BM has been one of the first company that has received the award of Italian certificated origin from the “Confindustria Marmomacchine” association.