The “BM” has been established on 1967 by the two brothers Giovanni and Rino Bastianello, on their birthplace in Montorso Vicentino.
The location of BM s.r.l. has always been in the industrial area of the North-East of Italy, in Montorso. The particular emotional bond of the owners to their origins has inspired the Logo and the name of the company.

BM Production

The production range of BM is the largest in the market.
Single blade frame saw for marble: BM Super patented in the 1967 by Giovanni and Rino Bastianello, the exclusively product of the BM, and also a big pride in the international market; BM Super 800, the evolution of BM Super. Multi blade gang saw for marble: Diamond BM 10-15, Diamond BM 40 Corsa 600, Diamond bm 50 Corsa 600, Diamond BM 80 Corsa 800, Diamond BM 100 Corsa 800, Diamond BM 70 Corsa 1000, Diamond BM 80 Corsa, Diamond BM 100 Corsa 1000. Diamond wire gang saw: Monofil BM 2300. Multi blade gang saw for granite: Grizzly Super. New gang saw for the production of tiles: Maxfil/800 (with special blade hangers, from 12mm thickness). New multi diamond wire gang saw: Kodiak



Special edition customized for Big Graniti - Rivoli Veronese - Verona. Multifilo BM KODIAK EVOLUTION 80 - Special Edition: "BIG EDITION" - Full optional & customazed - 4.0 app. for tablet - ø 5,3 mm


Antolini Luigi & C. S.p.a., is an international leading company, this year has renewed the old BM cutting line, installing the following new machines: n.1 DIAMOND BM 80 S/800 + n.1 DIAMOND BM 80 S/800 + n.1 DIAMOND BM 50 S/600 Each machine is 4.0 thank’s to the...


F.lli Scala Marmi S.R.L.: “about two years ago, we decided to invest on the slabs market, with a new technology of cut, specifically the new multiwire machine of BM...” Today, BM is proud to supply also the second multiwire machine KODIAK EVOLUTION.

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