Kodiak 20 Evolution

Multiwire machine

The multiwire machine of BM, the KODIAK EVOLUTION, is suitable for cutting granite blocks into slabs of various thickness. It is made in different size models, in order to install from 20 up to 84 diamond wires. The machine is exclusively constructed on 4 columns, guaranteeing the best stability and cutting precision. The machine can install diamond wires of diameter 7,3 mm, 6,3 mm and 5,3 mm. The tensioning of the wires is by a BM’s patented system, which guarantee the homogeneous independent tensioning of each diamond wire. The “triangle” structure allows the diamond wire to work only on 3 touching points, reducing to the minimum the stress of the wire during the work. The bigger diameters of the rollers and wheels, reduce the inclination angle of the diamond wire, extending so the life of the wire.

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