BM 80/100 Super 800

The closed frame gang saw can cut marble slabs of various thickness. The closed frame gang saw is realized to install from 80 up to 100 diamond blades. The closed structure means that the blade holder frame is not moving up and down, the vertical movement of the block is given by n.4 worm screws connected to the block trolley. The rectilinear movement is given on 4 articulated rectilinear guides attached to the closed frame structure. These rectilinear articulated guides vastly reduce maintenance costs because they do not require replacement like the traditional slide ways which are subject to a continuous wearing. The best solution for higher speed , more accuracy and precision is one where the connecting rods move together with the blades horizontally along a single axis only. This means there is no dispersion of mechanical thrust in other directions. The block is stable when fixed on the upward.

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